Company LINE was founded in 2004 to meet the needs of international and Russian customers in high-quality design. We have combined international experience in design with a deep understanding of Russian requirements and occupy one of the leading positions in the Russian market, carrying out projects for leading global and Russian companies.

OUR SERVICE Our company provides a full range of services, from drafting a technical assignment to author's supervision of construction. Our main goal is to create a quality project and assist customers in all matters related to the provision of architectural, engineering, construction and construction works.

- design and construction management
- architecture, engineering networks, buildings
- full range of construction and finishing works
- approvals

DESIGN GUIDELINES The task of modern design is the harmonization of the environment surrounding the person. A similar formulation of the question apposes more complicated and complex tasks for LINE Architects than creating only a visually pleasing space. It includes a set of measures to create practical and aesthetic solutions, focused on improving quality and living standards, including increasing labor efficiency.

The questions solved by LINE Architects in the course of works on designing and arrangement.

HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT .....Creating a psychologically and physically healthy environment of human life. Technical and artistic solutions include a set of measures to organize a clean and environmentally friendly space with good acoustics, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning.
SAFETY .....Security of staying at the premises that involves the development of measures to protect people in the interior from artificial and natural hazards.
BRAND SUPPORT ..... Development and use of corporate identity, assuming the adoption of design solutions aimed at achieving visual recognition of the name of the company, trademark or brand.
FLEXIBILITY OF SPACE ...... Compliance with the technology and flexible solutions that provide opportunities for further improvement or re-equipment of the interior space with minimal time and money.